Daily Motivation Problems: 5 Rules to Manage Your Motivation

Career steps are hard especially if you are young and people's expectations are very high about you. In this case, you don’t have a chance to feel negative things and slack off. You have to be motivated always, stay high and take firm steps forward.

To take firm steps forward you must have plans for your life and apply these plans day by day. But if we are not sufficient that today? There are my solutions for bad vibes and motivation problems.

Rule 1: Good Plan

Everybody has plans who want a meteoric rise. But everybody doesn’t have good plans. If you have problems with your plan may be first of all you need to check this out. If you assign lots of tasks as much as you can’t complete in a day to yourself or if you can’t prioritize your tasks, it is normal to feel yourself not motivated. You should learn how to plan your day and your business life.

Rule 2: Your Network

Your business network mean is not just money, they are your motivation coach too :) Sometimes when I feel reluctant i am calling someone from my business network. I am asking how they are, how their business going. Or I am sharing my latest business activities. They make me excited.

Rule 3: Review Your Goals

You can call them as dreams or goals whatever. You need to be realistic about your goals. They make you motivated, they keep alive us.

We can approach this rule from 2 side.

The first one is: your goals are far away. You have to be realist about your goals. If my income is 2.000$ for this month, I shuouldn’t set my goal to 25.000$ for next month. Review your goals and learn how to set right goals.

The second one is: your goals are rational but they are not your real goals. Setting the goals are not just write it somewhere and forget about it. Setting goals are write them to your heart. You should wake up with your goals, you should sleep with your goals. The first thing of your mornings should be review your goals, repet them again and run for them.

Rule 4: Your Idols are Waiting For You

Everyone has idols. Go and read something about your idol, watch idols videos. You maybe know your idol from YouTube maybe Twitter, Instagram or wherever else it is not matter just do something about your idol and remember why you have idol. Catch these similarities and remember your purpose. When you see their strong side, when you see their achievements you will want to have these and these will make you excited again.

BONUS Rule: Water

I think there is no need to describe the effectiveness of water for our body. To keep abide by a plan your mind must be clear. If we do not drink water enough our body carries unhappiness to extremes automatically. We can’t think properly and we can’t apply routines.

On days that I don’t drink water enough, exactly I had problems with my routine. Always somethings went wrong.

Studies have identified a link between dehydration and mood disturbances. Drinking water increases the brain’s temperature and gets rid of toxins and dead cells. It also keeps cells active and balances chemical processes in the brain, helping to regulate stress and anxiety.

From now on, I will continue to share my experiences and researches about efficiency. Don’t forget to follow :)

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Full Stack Developer, Team Lead. 🔋 Everytime Self Motivated

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